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About Us

Who is Efurnit

We are experts with an in-depth understanding of human physiology and anatomy with a passion to enhance the human factor.


Throughout your life your needs in relation to the technologically advancing environment is constantly changing. With over 35 years of scientific and medical experience, EFurnit is dedicated to product development to improve the wellbeing and increase productivity in the workplace. Statistics show that 6.5 million working days were lost per year in the UK in 2017-18. (Source: HSE)

At, Efurnit, we do not just sell products but share our experience with you because we care about your health. With EFurnit bespoke ergonomic furniture range, you can provide your employees with high quality, stylish ergonomic furniture at affordable prices that fulfil their wellbeing in today's high pressure working environment.

This is the fabric of our culture and framework for all decisions made.


We care about everyone in our society

People of all ages

From toddlers and teenagers, to adults. Throughout our lives the way we behave in relation to our environment and our needs is constantly changing. EFurnit's (E-Furn -it) bespoke ergonomic furniture ranges strive to Provide you with high quality, stylish furniture that fulfill your everyday needs both at home and in the office, every step of the way!

Research and development

Ergonomics, also know as the human factor, is the science of designing products that creates the "best fit" between you and your everyday furniture and technology. The EFurnit design team is constantly researching how modern day technology is changing our behaviour in order to design furniture to best suit your needs to keep you pain-free, improve your safety and increase your productivity. (in association with partners both from the industry and academia)

Quality and care

Quality, care and sustainability are at the core of Efurnit activities. Products are being continually tested to ensure they conform to the strength and stability requirements of British and European performance standards. EFurnit is committed to continually improve the environmental impact of their activities, products and services and to continually improve their environmental performance. From careful selection of materials to maximising the recycled content to minimise both the energy and CO2 footprints, to the 'end of life' recyclability of the component parts, consideration has been given to the environmental impact at every stage from the design concept all the way through to final production.