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Why Ergonomics for Children Matters?

Why Children Ergonomics

Why Children Ergonomics Should Matter?

Do you suffer from back pain or bad posture? Did you know that studies show the cause of back pains may start in your childhood!

A large study by Leboeuf-Yde and Kyyik in 1998 showed that the causes of lower back pain can start in childhood. Therefore, to avoid lower back pains we must take extra care during the childhood and adolescence especially because of the recent technological lifestyle.

Thus, parents and education leaders must know and think more about the health and safety legislation, guidance and awareness and find the solutions to protect children during the essential part of their physical and mental development. During the early school years, children’s spines are still developing; it is at this young age that sitting habits are formed. Surely educating kids about their postural health and providing the right furniture to support them in practicing good habits are of paramount importance!


Ergonomic furniture that promotes good posture is arguably more important to children than adults

We aim to raise awareness of the role of ergonomics for children in protecting and improving their health and well-being in and out of the study environment.

Educate our children Awareness

What if, as a nation, we could take steps to help prevent the onset of back pain by tackling the issue from a young age? Can we educate our children about the importance of taking care of their backs in the same way that we educate children about the health effects of smoking and the importance of regular exercise and healthy eating?

At EFurnit we support families and educational institute with training courses for children. As a parent you can monitor your children sitting habits and provide them with an appropriate desk and chair.

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