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Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomics Assessment

Ergonomics assessment

We assess your kids and teenagers working place

We know that almost all parents want to do their best for their children. Having a suitable children’s workspace, which is adaptable to the physics of their body, will positively influence children to shape their correct posture for the future.

As part of our services we will visit to carry out the workstation assessment for your children. We will assess the needs of children in a consistent manner. Our assessments are child-centered and will consider child’s developmental needs within the context of their age group and environment.

The main purpose of ergonomics assessment for children is to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, to educate the need for maintaining correct postures thereby enhancing their productivity. By assessing your children’s workstation, it would be possible to identify improvements required (if any) to their workstation and sitting environment.

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What we offer for children assessment:

When it comes to workstation assessments one size doesn’t fit all. Children workstation assessment involves spending approximately 1 hour with the children initially to discuss the problems that they may have and any other relevant medical information. Then, we will assess the workstation, studying postures and the way in which these equipment’s are used. Following the desk assessment, we will provide a report containing, photos and anthropometric measurements where applicable. The report will discuss our recommendations giving clear rationale with regards to equipment including seating, workstation layout, posture and training along with any other associated issues. Any suggested equipment will be listed along with cost estimations. During the assessment, some basic stretches and exercises that are specific to the individual’s needs will be thought.


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