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Ergonomics Assessment


Sore backs, achy shoulders, fuzzy hands and thumping headaches are not the norm

What is the Ergonomics assessment?

Ergonomic desk assessment may also be referred to as workstation assessment is an evaluation of the desk set-up and the area around it. Assessment ensures you that the workstation is ergonomically designed to minimise the risk of injury and maximise the productivity of employees or students. The assessment has to be taken to verify if the work and study environment is safe and ergonomically designed.

Classroom furniture can make learning easier or harder for students.

School children are at risk of suffering negative effects from ill-fitting furniture.

The use of proper furniture design reduces fatigue and discomfort in the sitting posture and would help in the prevention of musculoskeletal symptoms.

Currently, the school furniture design is the same for all students in all classes and clearly, it is not right. One size of desk and chair is usually selected for each age group and since the size of children varies so widely between gender, build and age, it is easy to see how a mismatch will occur. Long-term usage of uncomfortable and unsuitable furniture results in changes in the students’ musculoskeletal systems.

Correct posture

We offer an organisation workspace assessments

When it comes to desk assessments one size doesn’t fit all. Student’s workstation assessment involves spending time with the children initially to discuss the problems that they may have and any other relevant medical information. Then, we will assess the workstation, studying postures and the way in which these equipment are used. Following the desk assessment, we will provide a comprehensive. The report will discuss our recommendations giving clear rationale with regards to equipment including seating, workstation layout, posture and training along with any other associated issues. Any suggested equipment will be listed along with cost estimation. At the time of the assessment, some basic stretches and exercises that are specific to the individual’s needs will be thought.

We are here to help you to apply ergonomic principles in the school environment and to prevent musculoskeletal injuries.


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