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Ergonomics Assessment

Back Pain

What is an ergonomics assessment?

Ergonomic Assessment may also be referred to as workstation assessments. These assessments ensure that a worker’s workstation is ergonomically designed to minimise the risk of any injury and maximise productivity.

The major workplace ergonomic risk factors to consider are:

  1. High Task Repetition.
  2. Forceful Exertions.
  3. Repetitive/Sustained Awkward Postures.
Correct Posture

Efurnit workstation assessments

When it comes to workstation assessments one size doesn’t fit all. At, Efurnit, our first step is simply to engage and fully understand your organisations’ needs and challenges. We will engage all involved to elevate awareness of best practices.

We will investigate and evaluate major areas of concern. Our certified ergonomists will analyse and evaluate and review your current program and provide a detailed report containing a cost-effective plan to reduce risks and improve employee’s environment, comfort, productivity, and health. Some employees may require a basic assessment to ensure that they are complying with Health and Safety regulations. Some may need a more advanced workstation assessment for managing pain conditions. Employee workstation assessment and training forms the core of our implementation process and helps increase awareness of proper configuration and usage to improve posture, and reduce employee discomfort.

We will provide a check-list form following the assessment outlining list of any recommendations with regards to equipment including seating, workstation configuration, posture, and training, that we may make, following the assessment.


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