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Best Ergonomics Solutions

Best Ergonomics Solutions

Active Office

Practice your dynamic workspace!

The best solution to the problem of inactivity at work is having a "Dynamic Workspace". Introducing height adjustable desktops and desks is a paradigm in ergonomic furniture arena. Work practices modifications in today’s lifestyle is dramatically increasing work hours, provoking the desire for the creation of a more flexible and dynamic workplace environment. In response to this crucial necessity, Efurnit ergonomic office equipment will easily fulfill the needs of healthier and dynamic workplace.

As the concept of the healthier workplace and active offices become more important, one prominent solution for it will be variable desktops, and height adjustable tables.

There is no need to change the whole furniture to make it Ergonomics.

Variable desktops (height adjustable desktops) also called, desk risers, can easily convert the common traditional desk to a height ergonomic adjustable desk. These desktops could be presented mostly in workplaces and universities to provide employees with a more interactive and productive social environment while they are working behind their desks.

Height adjustable desks also enable users to switch easily from sit to stand position. Adjustable desks are classified into manual and electric. Electrically adjusted desks incorporate a dual motor for seamless adjustment at a touch of a button on the digital control panel. The open-architecture design offers optimum knee and easy access below the surface. With a clean, universal aesthetic, the height adjustable desk is easily incorporated into any office or home environment.

"At EFurnit we aim to promote and support a culture where the physical health of people is respected, protected and improved whilst at work."



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