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Ergonomics training course
If you are already applying ergonomics and human factors in your work, or are about to, or would like some formal training, we have a list of accredited training courses for you to consider.

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Introduction to ergonomics

Introduction to ergonomics: This one-day course covers the provides delegates with a basic understanding of ergonomics principles; identifying ergonomics issues/problems and input into discussions regarding the development of ergonomic assessment and solutions.

Two Day Industrial Ergonomics Champion Course: Our two-day industrial ergonomics champion training course is designed to train your employees in the process of completing an ergonomics task assessment. Attendees will come away from the course with an understanding of ways to improve the health, safety, wellbeing and productivity of workforce by learning how to use ergonomics-based risk assessment tools and methods.

DSE Assessor Training: A comprehensive 1-day course which provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to carry out effective DSE risk assessments.

Postural Awareness Training: This one-day postural awareness training course covers prevention and management of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) within the workplace. There is lots of advice on how to avoid MSDs which this course disseminates and puts over in an easy to understand way.

Display screen equipment (DSE) assessor training: Expert Display Screen Equipment DSE Assessor Training provided by experienced Chartered Ergonomists. Ensure you understand the DSE regulations and ensure your trainers have the confidence to complete DSE Assessments.

The techniques learnt during the training courses will address a wide variety of issues such as workplace design and layout, reduction of musculoskeletal disorders, use and application of ergonomic risk assessment tools to improve productivity and wellbeing.


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